Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ’s

What is the purpose of the Christian Advertising Network (CAN) ?

It is to help Christians to promote their businesses, other Christians to   place “small adverts” and to be a “one stop shop” for church and Christian NPO events happening, initially, in and around Cape Town.

Is it only web-site based ?

CAN is primarily web-site based ; it is the intention to also send an email newsletters, probably on a monthly basis and also to use facebook and other social media.

How does it work ?

To use CAN you will first have to do a once off registration before you can place your advert.

Are adverts approved ?

All adverts are approved before publishing.

What is the web-site address ?

Who owns CAN ?

CAN is owned by a non-profit organisation and the intention is that profits earned will be used for Christian outreach.

How do I save my application and complete it later ?


What if I forget my password ?

There is a “forgot password ” link which will help you

What is the cost of advertising ?

There is no cost for churches and Christian non-profits to advertise. There is also no cost for normal business advertising. There is a cost for the “smalls” adverts as well as the business banner adverts. These costs currently are ; “smalls” adverts – R50 for 14 days banner ads – R1,500 per month.

Can I renew my advert ?


Will I see my advert before it is put up ?


Will I get confirmation of my advert being put up ?

All adverts are approved before being published – you will  received confirmation.

If I need help who do I contact ?